Following technical developments in loading rigs the rules have been due for an update, this and some other aspects of the Shotgun Rules have been addressed by changes that will come into force in 2018.

Shotgun loading belt rig technology has moved a long way in a very short time and the rules have been amended to catch up with these developments. The 2017 IPSC General Assembly took place at the Handgun Worldshoot in France in August and some shotgun rule amendments were adopted following an inter-regional consultation process.

The first amendment deals with rig dimensions and positioning on the belt, it will hopefully make it easier to determine what is acceptable in a world of velcro fixings and moveable 30+ round backing plate mounted assemblies. Only one equipment carrying belt is permitted. Cartridges held in loops or clips on the belt are restricted to a maximum of 170mm total height. Rounds carried in caddies (often known as “strippers”) must not exceed 6 rounds in height.

Another interesting development is in gun mounted ammo, the rumour mill had suggested that gun mounted Option 3 cartridge carriers might be outlawed but the wording adopted clearly does not do this, however it definitely does make walking around with a cartridge in your matchsaver a DQ, so please be very careful about this in future! Within the provisions of Rule 5.2.1 no ammunition of any kind is permitted on the gun, or in clips or loops fitted to the gun, or to a sling fitted to the gun except when under the supervision of, and in response to a direct instruction issued by a Range Officer.

In a Division rule change Optical Sights will be allowed in Modified which is an interesting development in several ways, not just in terms of its effect on Modified but also what some Open tube fed competitors may chose to do in the future.

Finally and least exciting but still good common sense: Empty chamber and/or empty magazine well/cylinder firearm ready conditions (see Chapter 8), should not be required for more than 25% of the courses of fire in a match.

Will come into force for the 2018  season having been passed by the General Assembly.

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  • I´m in doubt about IPSC Shotgun Rule
    “Only one equipment carrying belt is permitted. Cartridges held in loops or clips on the belt are
    restricted to a maximum of 2 cartridges high. Rounds carried in caddies (often known as
    “strippers”) must not exceed 6 rounds in height.”

    Can you send a diagram to show better the practical application of this rule, in particular about: “Cartridges held in loops or clips on the belt are
    restricted to a maximum of 2 cartridges high. ”

    In my last competition I had to adjust the angle of my rig because one Range Officer thought that the “2 cartridges high” was the measure of the overall loop/clip.
    I tried to argue, but in the end they said that I needed to change my Taccom´s 12UP angle to be in the rule…

    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,