Beretta Blink bolt pin premature failure after less than 1500 rounds in a new gun

The photograph in this article shows the bolt pin from a Beretta 1301 which has fired less than 1500 rounds from new. The plating has failed due to a very badly finished surface inside the slot where the pin runs in the bolt carrier.

If you have recently purchased any Blink system Beretta we would strongly recommend checking for this issue.

I had a pin in my spares kit and was able to re-finish the faulty surface on the bolt carrier to keep my team mate shooting, no doubt the warranty solution would be ‘return the gun via your dealer’, which is OK if you don’t need to shoot for some weeks ahead. Early detection is a good idea no matter what solution suits your circumstances so please have a look to avoid the possibility of mid-competition stoppages and/or a repair mid-season.

The bolt pin is part number 108 on this diagram where you can order spares.

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