The IPSC general Assembly will vote for a new President on Saturday 26th August and the candidates have been listed as - Vitaly Kryuchin, Lubor Novak & Vince Pinto - there has since been much online discussion about the possibility of additional candidates coming forward and whether this is this possible.

At the time of writing at least two people have indicated on social media channels that they would like to stand for election and this has lead to widespread speculation about whether this is possible. The answer is found in the IPSC Constitution and we have had a look to save you some time!

Some people have posted the opinion that candidates can not participate, quoting 8.16 as the reason:

8.16 Nominations for the office of President must be received by the Secretary not less than sixty days prior to meetings of the Assembly, whereupon he shall immediately acknowledge receipt to the Regional Directorate initiating the candidacy. Thirty days prior to the meeting, the Secretary shall circulate to each Regional Directorate a list of candidates, and the list will on that date be closed. The list shall carry first the name of the incumbent President, if standing for re-election, and thereafter the name of each other candidate in alphabetical order.

However this appears to be overridden by 8.18:

8.18 Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 8.16 above, the Assembly may in accordance with Section 8.6 elect a member as President.

8.18 refers to 8.6 which tells us:

8.6 Motions may be put to the Assembly only on items included on the agenda, save that this restriction shall not exclude a motion to establish the feeling of the Assembly concerning any matter raised under Any Other Business, nor shall it exclude motions relating to the election, discipline or retirement of officers. Motions may only be put to the Assembly if the Region proposing such motion has satisfied its financial obligations to IPSC and is in compliance with the terms of the Constitution at the commencement of the Assembly.

So it would appear that any Region which has ‘has satisfied its financial obligations to IPSC and is in compliance with the terms of the Constitution at the commencement of the Assembly’ can nominate a candidate at the meeting – this could get very interesting on Saturday!

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  • Sorry, but I think 8.6 is for cases when president has been voted for retirement and the presidential season will end immediately after voting of the retirement. Then assembly need to elect new president on the same meeting.

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