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    Its been a crazy week after launching and the fortnight before that…. well we just can’t even remember back that far, so what’s next we hear you say?

    Equipment reviews are ongoing and the tech film crew are looking forward to an in depth documentary about making slugs from scratch, so look out on the site for these and more going live.

    We have also burned a fair bit of midnight oil on the forum area which is in two sections, the one we are in now which everyone can read and the registered users only section for regular competition shooters.

    In case you are wondering why its set up in that way its simply that while organising ourselves to compete all over the world in this sport the forum often involves sharing travel plans and other details about firearm owners. You may have heard about an awful incident where international clay pigeon star George Digweed was attacked in his home by robbers who stole cash, guns, trophies and his car? If not you should google the crime. Sadly this is not a unique occurrence and we know of other gun thefts since it happened. I hope this explains the apparent veil of secrecy but sadly the firearm using community have to be security conscious for their own safety.

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