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    Here’s a list of clubs running matches, you can contact the organising clubs via our CLUBS section in the top navigation bar, they are under IPSC-GBR. Many of these these matches are suitable for beginners and would make a great place to start, even if you simply arrange to go along for the day, meet the club members and see what its all about. Please make sure you contact the club before making plans to visit, many have some rules that cover non-members attendance but the individual club reps will keep you right here.

    8th January Rossendale
    15th January North Cotes
    22nd January Borders
    4th February Crocketford PSG & Multigun
    5th February North Cotes
    12th February Rossendale
    26th February Borders
    5th March Dartford, Winter Warmer
    12th March North Cotes
    12th March Rossendale
    18th Mar Crocketford PSG & Multigun
    19th March Borders
    2nd April Crocketford NTSA Scottish Champs (Open match)
    9th April Rossendale
    9th April Kentucky Firearms Club, Stockbridge.
    16th April North Cotes
    23rd April Carlisle PSG (UKPSA Postal Leagues)
    14th May Rossendale
    14th May North Cotes
    28th May Borders
    10th June – Crocketford
    11th June Rossendale
    18th June Borders
    18th June North Cotes
    9th July Rossendale
    16th July North Cotes
    13th August North Cotes
    13th August Rossendale
    13th August Carlisle (UKPSA Postal Leagues)
    27th August Borders
    3rd September North Cotes
    10th September Rossendale
    17th September Borders
    8th October Rossendale
    14th October Crocketford (UKPSA Postal Leagues)
    15th October Borders
    15th October North Cotes
    12th November Carlisle NTSA Northern Champs (Open match)
    12th November Borders
    12th November Rossendale
    12th November North Cotes
    3rd December Borders
    9th December Crocketford Christmas Shoot (UKPSA Winter Postal Leagues)
    10th December Rossendale

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