Happy New Year, this is what we were doing over the holidays!

Regular readers will know we have done a lot of chronograph testing but the limitation of a chrono is that it only tells you what is happening close to the shotgun’s muzzle, we wanted to be able to measure the energy transferred by pellets to a target at different ranges. The idea was to make a device which would help us answer these questions:

  1. Does a longer barrel have more knockdown power? We previously found no change in muzzle velocity with a chrono between 24″ and 28″ but anecdotal evidence points to differences further downrange.
  2. Does adding a compensator change the energy on target?
  3. What is the energy loss if a shot is taken at a various angles to the target?
  4. How do bigger pellets compare to smaller pellets at various ranges?

Tests on the pendulum are complete and we would like to hear your ideas on what experiments we should do, please make contact via the Facebook group with suggestions – https://www.facebook.com/groups/IPSCSG/



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