How to strip and clean the gas valve assembly on a Beretta 1301.

This film shows removal of the gas valve spring on the Beretta 1301.

You can purchase genuine Beretta spares from a reputable Italian supplier here – Beretta 1301 parts direct from Italy

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  • Hello

    I have a Beretta 1301 and it has a problem cycling cartridges. Vanessa Duffy suggested that I look at your website to find out if the issue I have is the same one you have described in your gas system video and the answer seams to be yes. I have measured the spring and I have the thinner of the three springs.

    Would you mind letting me know what sort of pipe I need to create spacer in order to resolve my cycling issue.

    Thank you.

    • Beretta’s UK importer have been in touch about this issue and they now sell a spacer, here’s what they said:

      ‘When the 1301 was originally released there was only a single gas valve spring available for it, however over the last 4 years Beretta have reacted to feedback and ongoing testing by both end users and sponsored shooters to refine the specification of the standard gun. A process that is continual and is carried out across the whole of the Beretta portfolio and we are seeing the shorter spring being fitted routinely to 1301. All of the 1301s should still be run in with a heavier cartridge initially and Beretta recommend a 32 Gram 70mm long cartridge. I am told that cartridges manufactured on the continent generally have a higher power factor, effectively more ompff than the equivalent UK cartridge and that the gas valve spring was changed to optimise operation with those cartridges.

      To address this issue for shooters who want to use lighter loads through their 1301 Beretta have introduced a Gas Valve Spring Spacer part number C5G164 which can be brought through your local dealer for approx. £6.00 each. A part that we fit to ensure 1301`s will cycle the lighter loads. It might sound strange that spacer is effectively a fix of a fix, but the vast majority of 1301 being sold do not experience a cycling issue.’