This film looks at maintenance for often overlooked but functionally vital magazine tubes.

OK, own up, when did you last do some maintenance on your gun’s internal or external magazine tubes? The more diligent handgunners clean their magazines every time they are dropped but we tend to ignore ours. While shotgun mag tubes (hopefully) don’t often get thrown on the ground we constantly introduce sand, mud, sweat and who knows what else by loading the cartridges. This film goes through some of the options and a few shortcuts for keeping the tube working like new.

If you like the brush used in the film we have obtained a limited quantity of components to make some brushes up for supply to readers, we can post one or meet you at a match to save postage costs. The brush is an industrial grade head mounted on a stainless flexible section, we bond this into a 9.5mm composite rod so it will fit into most drills. The overall length of 600mm goes through long tubes but is still small enough to take along in your gun box.

To order a brush while stocks last fill out this form:


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