A detailed look at mag tube wear issues on the Beretta 1301.

Mag tube wear seems to be a fact of life on the Beretta 1301 this film takes a look at the phenomenon.

Contains tips on changing the internal magazine tube

You can purchase genuine Beretta spares from a reputable Italian supplier here – Beretta 1301 parts direct from Italy


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  • I am very very happy with my beretta 1301 comp but-the after sales service and availability of parts is absolutely unacceptable! I stay in sa and most peopke shoots beretta and i also recomended the weapon to many people but we do need after sales in south africa!!

    • Hi Doc,
      Good to hear from you, we met in Czech Rep a few years ago when you were over with Peter at the Extreme. Sorry to hear you can’t get the OEM back-up you want in SA and I hope the info we are posting will help you to develop a local solution. Have you tried the link for parts that is posted below the video?
      Best regards,

  • Roughly how many rounds did this wear (on the original tube) take to develop? Did you replace it because of aesthetics, or were changes in function noted?

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