Help is at hand for anyone experiencing double feeds or carrier lock-ups on a Beretta 1301.

This film deals with double feeds and shell lifter lock-ups on the Beretta 1301.

It includes a way to diagnose the fault, which doubles as a quick fix that will get you to the end of a match, as well as a permanent solution for the problem in question.

You can purchase genuine Beretta spares from a reputable Italian supplier here – Beretta 1301 parts direct from Italy

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  • Thank you so much for posting up this explanation. You have saved me quite some time replacing the release button, lifter, and other related parts (which was my next troubleshooting step). Much appreciated!

  • Thanks a lot for your videos. Thery are very helpful. I was opening the port on my freshly bought 1301 comp and removed too much material off the trigger guard. This caused the shell lifter was going too high resulting in double feeds.

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