Its always difficult to know what to say when those milestone birthdays come along because you never know how people feel about getting older however the UKPSA has every reason to celebrate turning 40 and there’s a whole year of activity planned to mark this anniversary.

Given that IPSC was founded in 1976 the UKPSA’s 1977 birthday suggests that the association’s founders were pretty quick off the mark in recognising the potential for what was then a brand new shooting sport. Like all forty year olds the UKPSA seems keen to shed a few pounds, the good news for potential new members is that these pounds are GBP not LBS and they are coming off the price of membership by way of an introductory offer for new members at just £10 if they join in the anniversary year.

You can click this link to find out more about the UKPSA’s involvement with the Northern Shooting Show and if you are fast there may be some NSS Early Bird Discount tickets left via a link on the bottom of that page. These were still available when we posted but when they’re gone, they’re gone…

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