The new Generation 5 system from King puts an end to manually adjusting for different lengths of cartridge.

Adjusting for different cartridge lengths has become a fact of life for shotgun competitors who use magnetic retention rigs and while these rigs provide many advantages the adjustment between stages can be a distraction if the match schedule is tight. Anyone travelling to a match by air is probably going to take their slug and buckshot with them and then buy birdshot at the venue meaning that changes in cartridge length are almost inevitable and some people bring two or more sets of carriers to reduce the impact of this issue.

After seeing the Gen 5 King rig at the Shotgun Cup in Philippsburg on Friday I was sufficiently impressed that I have ordered one and will follow with a more detailed review when I get it, in the meantime this film is a short first impression from the match in Germany.

The cartridges are in individual vertical pairs which means you can take 2 or 4 at any time throughout a stage without altering the sequence for the next load.

In terms of cost King are listing a 28 shell carrier of the previous Gen4 at €340 and the new Gen5 at €370 so there is not much cost difference although both are clearly aimed at the premium market. A lot of successful shooters have gone over to magnetic retention and it will be interesting to see how this market changes now that King have introduced this technology, the King Online Store shows first shipping dates are around early May.

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