Tatiana from Toni System in Italy explains some products at IWA 2018 in Nuremberg

Toni System are a well know manufacturer of tuning parts, we talked with Tatiana to find out about some of their shotgun products. Toni System have recently added extended safety buttons to their product range and these come in 3 versions as Tatiana explains, one is for tactical use with a high grip surface and the other two are extended for sporting applications. The Super Sport is the largest and comes in red, blue or black for the fashion conscious shooter. Also new is an extended choke key in various lengths and colours which makes for easy choke removal either through a compensator or past the end of an extended magazine tube. Finally we had a look at the recoil system tuning parts which Toni System off for Benelli inertia guns like the M1 and M2. The kit combines a lighter recoil spring with a heavier guide rod made to provide improved characteristics with the lighter loads used in sports shooting.

You can find more details about these and other products on the Toni System website


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