We've revisited the IPSC popper with a design that's aimed at withstanding the rigours of shotgun competition, the post includes a cutting list so you can make it.

This is what you will need to make it:

1 x  standard IPSC popper cut from 10mm steel

1 x m6 bolt with washers and a nyloc nut

19mm pvc tube – 75mm x 2 (and 2 cable ties) for the shock buffer

25mm x 5mm flat bar – 400mm x 2 for the back of the popper / 170mm x 1 for the handle /  130mm, 100mm & 70mm (all x 1) for the sear

50mm x 6mm flat bar – 350mm x 1 with 45 degrees cut on one end for the upright that holds the sear

42mm round tube 3mm wall thickness – 700mm x 1 with 45 degrees cut on both ends for the diagonal brace

50mm x 25mm box section with 3mm wall thickness – 650mm x 1 & 750mm x 1 for the frame base / 50mm x 2 to cut out for the popper hinges / 75mm x 1for the shock pad

16mm diameter round bar – 300mm x 1 for the popper hinge / 80mm x 3 for the feet


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  • Steve this is excellent I would suggest a couple of spikes welded to the base to help with positioning in the range and to allow it to be secured are these to be manufactured for sale if so let me know

    • Glad you like it, Ken, we left the spikes off because we’re on a pretty hard surface at our local venue with a lot of builders rubble in the ground, so we use weights if we can. I also have some 600mmx16mm stakes that we can knock in if the surface permits, like when we shoot on agri land. I will consider making them available later in the year if there is enough demand, for now its all hands on deck to make the stuff we need for the L3 in April. I’m just past 120 out of 135 metal targets at the moment, so no slacking from that task! See you soon, Steve