How to approach stage planning under match conditions with advice on making a reloading plan and the most critical maths in the process.

This film Looks at approaching a stage under match conditions.

This means there will be:

  • No entry to stage area before your squad briefing
  • Timed walkthrough, usually 3 or 5 minutes, the same for all squads
  • One last quick walkthrough as the shooter before you is being scored and the stage reset from his run

You might consider setting up stages for each other when you train and then approaching them under simulated match conditions. If you train in a group then stay away from the build in your turns and have one of the others put you through like a match RO would do it

If all else fails and you find you are still confused as your turn comes around (a variety of distractions, like gun trouble or a late night can cause this) then you only need these basics to survive:

  • Round count – Start Capacity = number of rounds to load. So in this example of a 28 round stage with a standard gun you need to add 19 rounds minimum
  • How many reloads is this using your method? If you use quads this is 5 grabs
  • Use the final walkthrough while the crew reset after the previous shooter to remind yourself of the shooting positions and decide where you will do the 5 quads
  • Try to relax, remember to breathe before the start signal and shoot at a pace that’s within your capabilities

Chances are you’ll get through and not blow the match on this one stage, there are 11 more (in a Level 3) to make it up again and you just need to forget the way the confusion felt before you move on to the next stage.

You will get lots of great advice from fellow IPSC shooters, their pearls of wisdom may include:
– Shoot fast and don’t miss
– Find all the targets before you start the stage
– Shoot at all the targets

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