This article about the emerging sport of Practical Shotgun appeared in Handgunner Magazine’s July-August 1982 issue.

Sit back,  relax and enjoy this glimpse back to a time long gone with a cover shot that wouldn’t look out of place in the Sweeney and details of stages that were modelled on house clearances! While much of the article seems about a million miles from Practical Shotgun as we know it today the closing paragraph begins very insightfully with words that remain as true today as they were in 1982.

“One thing that is going to get crowded is the sport, for it is splendid sport. Its future depends on that rigorous attention to safety that has always been the hallmark of Practical Shooting”

Its also interesting to note a reference on the last page which tells us that the first rules for Practical Shotgun were being produced that summer and, although we might not recognise much of our modern sport in these pages, it seems this is where our ancestral routes lie.

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