NI SG Training Event

NEW- training event Monday 7th May 2018

This addition to the event will be ideal for competitors including those who:

  1. want to prepare for the WorldShoot in France in August 2018.
  2. would like to test alternative stage strategies that they didn’t use on match day.
  3. enjoyed the stages so much that they just want another go!

The stages will be open all day on Bank Holiday Monday, either for training as squads or simply shooting as informal groups.

You can also access world class training providers including Kim Leppanen and Josh Kenny to book expert coaching and accelerate your progress. You can contact the coaches by using the forms below.

This is a brand new concept and we hope you will enjoy it. The training day will also be a great place to develop your teamwork strategies, thinking again about WorldShoot teams.

There will be a nominal fee of £30 per person for using the stages all day on Monday the 7th of May 2018 and the trainers will take their own payment directly if you book one for coaching.

Reserve your place(s) at the training day:

This is done on the payment page where you will also pay for match entries and gala prize giving tickets. There are limited places on the training day so it is important that you pre-book as we can not guarantee access without payment in advance. You can pay individually or as a group by following the instructions on the PAYMENT PAGE



Enquire about  coaching with Josh Kenny here:

    Enquire about coaching with Kim Leppänen here:

      I welcome a squad of 7 for training day after NI SG championships. Please use the contact form found on the match website.
      During the day we will break down the match stages again and go through following techniques in theory and practice:
      – Understanding distance, patterns, power factor and knockdown power
      – Reloading in difficult positions and position changes, optimal reloading in general
      – Setting up your gear to match your body and movement
      – Visual techniques
      – Shooting on the move vs. stationary
      Who is Jaakko
      – 2015 SG World Shoot  SM first runner up
      – Nordic Champion SM
      – Finnish National 3-Gun champion
      – Certified coach in practical shooting
      – Innovating and engineering modern practical shooting gear and techniques at King Competition

      Enquire about  coaching with Jaakko Viitala here: